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Q1:What is FM transmitter?

An FM transmitter is a device that can convert audio contents from any audio source such as MP3,Cellphone,Computer etc. to signals that transmits out in FM band, the signals can be picked up by any radio receivers that uses the same frequency at the other end. 

Q2:How does FM transmitter work?

Firstly connect the audio source to FM transmitter, the audio signals will be converted to FM signals and broadcast out through the antenna via tuned frequency, people at the other end use a radio receiver to hear the audio by tuning to the same frequency.

Q3:How far distance can FM transmitter broadcast?

The broadcast distance of FM transmitter could be affected by many things, here below are the main factors:

1). Antenna gain

2). Antenna height

3).Environment condition

4). RF Power output

5) Or you can tell us how far in radiu you want to cover, we’ll recommend suitable package to you. Please kindly note the Radio distance are different from Range, the picture below explains their difference:

Q4:How to choose antenna for transmitter?

Usually we need to check the maximum RF power that the antenna can afford, then use the antenna with transmitter that broadcasts at or below the antenna MAX.RF Power.

Q5:How many frequencies can I use in one transmitter?

Most of our transmitter are in normal FM frequency band(87~108mhz), you can change to any frequency within this band. Use one frequency at one time.

Q6:Can I change power output on the transmitter?

Most of our transmitter offers power output adjusting function.

Q7:What equipments do I need to build a FM/TV radio station?

A basic radio station needs only the transmitter, antenna, power supply, audio cable.

If it’s a bigger scale station, you will need Audio Processor, Mixer, Microphone, MIC Arm, Monitor Speaker, DVD Player, etc. Please contact us and tell us your detailed needs.

Q8:How to buy from you?

We support purchasing online by paypal payment. You can also pay us by Western Union, Money Gram, etc. Let us know the method that you prefer, we’ll send you our account information.

We also have online store in ebay, below are our store links:

Ebay store:

Q9:How long it takes for me to get products from you after I paid?

usually we have them in stock and will send out in 24~48hours after payment. 

The transportation time could differ by shipping methods, please consult us for exact information in advance.

Q10:How do I get license for building my own fm radio station?

Please apply for license from local Wireless communication Administrative Authority. Different countries have different restriction ,please consult them for detailed information.

Q11: How do I apply for a refund/return?

Any return requests must be made within 14 days after receiving, the product must be kept complete and in a like-new condition. 

In all instances, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs relating to any product returns or service under warranty.

Refunds on the reason of buyer side are not accepted. Refunds will exclude any shipping fees. 

Q12: Which address should I return to?

Please contact us get the return address.

Q13:Who should I contact for technical support?

A12: Please contact us.